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The Kansas Trauma Program is a partnership between public and private organizations to address the treatment and survival of critical injuries throughout the state. It is a network of relationships designed to direct the trauma patient to the resources most appropriate for his/her care, based on the nature of the injury. To attain this goal, the Kansas trauma system strives to ensure each patient is properly triaged and matched to the hospital with the most appropriate resources as quickly as possible. This system increases survival and decreases the chance of permanent disability for those severely injured patients who require rapid, specialized treatment to ensure the best recovery.

Mission: Promote the reduction of human suffering and associated costs by matching patient needs to medical resources; increasing public and professional injury education; and identifying standards for quality care of the injured.

Vision: Ensure a healthier and safer Kansas through the reduction of death, disability, suffering and costs associated with human injury by developing standards for quality care, mapping healthcare resources, and educating the public and health professionals.

2018 Statewide Trauma Symposium Presentations

Resources for Optimal Care
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Clarification Document, Resources for Optimal Care of the Injured Patient - 2015
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